Press Release

The House of Wellness

December 27th 2019

Since shooting to instant social media stardom in March of 2019, my lovely friend of 12 years Rebekah Gilbert has become an influential and inspiring household name spreading the word about the importance of spiritual, mental and physical health. In our exclusive never before told interview, Rebekah shares how it all began.

Rebekah is soaking up the sun on her second story balcony as I walk through the big white doors of her home overlooking the beach.

Leah Watson: “Bek it’s so great to see you again! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today.”

Rebekah: “Hey babe! It’s my absolute pleasure, I’m actually so excited for today, I love reliving this incredible journey I’ve been on.”

“Let’s get to it then, tell me everything”

“Okay well as you know I was working as a dental nurse when the fabulous opportunity to take part in the Master Key course pretty much fell into my lap! I jumped right in to it, it was challenging and confronting but it needed to be. I completely shed my old skin over the course to make way for all of this to happen. It changed my life.

Getting to 58 KGs was the first accomplishment. It was a huge one for me because it gave me my self-confidence back. After that point something clicked and I truly believed that I had the power to create the life I wanted. Then I finished my Certificate 4 in matwork and reformer pilates and that was great! I was able to start working as a teacher –I was working less hours but making more money and that gave me the freedom to focus on the things that I enjoyed – like travelling and creating my website program!!! I always knew that social media had so much potential to be such a positive force in the world. I wanted to make people feel like the best versions of themselves. I knew I could make a positive impact in the lives of others so I started a Instagram page focusing on all aspects of health  – exercise, healthy food, travel and wellness – a hub of positivity. I promoted a wellness lifestyle, embodying physical, mental and spiritual health. It became bigger than I ever expected, I gained 300,000 followers so quickly and the love and support I received from my them was incredible. I developed my online program The Health Convenience during this time. A community with access to healthy, time saving recipes, stretches, workouts, a book club, meditations, a Lend an ear area for people who need someone to talk to, tips and tricks for dealing with what life throws at you and so much more!  It took off, within the first 6 months I had 100,000 monthly subscribers. After that I created The HC app so it was even easier for people to log in and connect. It’s been an amazing ride!

“That’s incredible, how did that make you feel?”

“I pinch myself every day that this is my life. I can effortlessly manifest what I want to happen. I’m able to buy a ticket to any part of the world whenever I want and I can work from anywhere in the world so I travel regularly. Travelling is so important to me. I just got back from travelling around Africa. I fell in love with Africa. It is so incredibly beautiful and the people are amazing. I will definitely be going back there. Teaching pilates, the masterkey experience, The HC all helped me to see that giving back is the most rewarding feeling in the world. The joy that comes with giving is enormous. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fund more then 10 wishes with the Make A Wish foundation and give more then 10% of all money I receive to charities I am passionate about.

“So you are killing it in the business world, tell me a bit more about what you have achieved personally?”

“Having the freedom of having enough money to do whatever I want is so liberating and it gave me the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of true health on a seriously wide scale! I practice what I preach! I exercise every single day, I love to run, practice pilates, do yoga, stretch or do a workout – anything that gets my body moving and my heart rate up. I live an active life, I’m always outside! I live next to the beach so that even when I’m inside I’m so close to my favourite place. I surround myself with my beautiful group of supportive friends who lift each other up and I have a loving relationship with my super motivated, kind boyfriend. Everything is possible with practice and work. Create positive habits. And take care of every aspect of your health and yourself. You are so important and you can do it. I did.”

Interviewed by Leah Watson