HELLO future friends.

I am Bek, I’m 25 and living in the gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia. I spent two years in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in Canada only to realise I LOVE heat, sun and beaches and need them close by to be completely happy so here I am. I want to travel the world and see ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. I am passionate about health. I have a gorgeous boyfriend Ollie who has surprised me and is completely all on board and supportive of my journey so far, even if I wake him every time when I come to bed late because I’m getting my readings in haha. Something is missing from my life and I didn’t even know that until I knew if you get me…SO…

Welcome to my spiritual growth journey. I was completely deaf to the idea of spirituality and the world within until November last year when I went through a life changing experience and flew to Mexico. There I joined a yoga teacher training where I first heard about KARMA. Which is the turning point of my life I’d have to say. From then on I have been slowly trying to learn and grow but my old cement is a bitch to crack off.

I gained a scholarship to this program after a beautiful patient at work and myself had a conversation about intentions and turns out she was a Master Guide for this course. So even though I don’t LOVE being a Dental Nurse, everything in life has lead me to here and for that I’m grateful.


Bek 🙂fullsizeoutput_980