Master Key Experience – Week 17 Heroes Journey


What a whirlwind of a week. So I did things a little backwards as per usual this week. Week 17 happened, I wrote a few things down of what happened and then I watched the Webby after the week was over. Let me tell you, I had a little bit of an insane week. I was sticking to the exercises religiously. Up until this week. Okay maybe not with as much ENTHUSIASM but I was still doing everything every single day. And I had not ever wondered if this was really worth it up until this week. Or that I missed TV. And I absolutely binged with bad foods I was doing so well keeping away from. I fought with my boyfriend one night and just felt too sad to finish my exercises for the day and then that was a little bit of a domino affect. Every time I was tired or feeling down or exhausted I missed a couple things and I even went one whole day without doing ANYTHING. I’d say maybe 2 days in total not doing anything and about 3-4 where I missed a couple things like end of day read or my plan of attack things I tick off daily. I never felt happy about it though, I always had a weird feeling in my stomach after doing it. I am back on track now but it’s taking a little bit more motivation then before now the momentum of getting things done stopped. But after watching the webby I get it.

I was experiencing grief and I let it get the better of me went all the way back to denial. But I opt for the heroes journey. I know it will be easier now I know that I am a hero. I honestly could not not do this if you know what I mean. I am still learning and discovering and I am no where near done but I know too much now to ever go back to being a naive girl with no purpose or direction or excitement for life.

Now lets PMA this blog post up!

I LOVE EARL NIGHTINGALE. I listen to the strangest secret at least twice a week. His voice is so soothing. I’ve got pleasing personality as my virtue this week and he definitely has a pleasing personality! I have been seeing it a few times a day but I know there is more I have probably overlooked.

I’m really starting to get the whole give more get more. I know it’s a simple sentence but it’s taken me a while to fully understand it’s power. But just giving a simple smile to someone who is not smiling, makes me smile even bigger. I love the feeling.

Which leads me on to the question this week – How can each of us be the greatest salesman in the world? Hmm the very first thing that came to my head was – give more, get more. We can each be the greatest salesman in the world by giving more of our perfect selves in service to others.

I had an amazing meditation the other day. I was on the beach and I fully started thinking about my website program I want to make and ideas started flowing, I was honestly surprised and impressed. Not sure how to start it yet but I have started to enjoy my sits more and more each time I get some magic. Which isn’t every sit by any means – maybe I have to sit for longer. Something to sleep on.

So the 4 points, let’s quickly review

DMP – I am pondering lately if my DMP is 100% or if I should rewrite. I am going to sit on it.

PMA – honestly I’m pretty good at this one except for the last week or so. I’m definitely a zillion times better at dealing with things then before I started this course. I see the good in the world a lot more then before. My one struggle is my work. I really don’t enjoy it so when I’m there my mood is down.

POA – this is coming along nicely

MMA – I gotta work on this. I am an introvert and when things get intense or I get inside my head I keep to myself. But I have a beautiful group of people who are there to support me so I’m jumping back in

I’m all in

I am nature’s greatest miracle.




2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 17 Heroes Journey

  1. you are nature’s greatest miracle x x
    re: your DMP – a suggestion: have you tried a spontaneous 5 minute write around this? – you could combine it with a sit…
    set a timer for 5 minutes…
    pen and paper… at the top of the page write: when it comes to my DMP it is true for me that…
    start writing, just write
    – zilch self-censoring
    – VIP to maintain the flow of writing
    – anytime you come against a ‘sticky point ie no words are flowing, just write something,,anything.. eg rainbow, blue sky, enthuuusiasm, wtf, etc.. and the words will flow again….
    keep writing until the 4 minutes are up…

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